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Cultivator GardenMAX 1G-105G

Cultivator GardenMAX 1G-105G

Gasoline engine with powerful engine 9.0kW with a power shaft. Mills for milling 1 meter of tires 4x10 " Ideal machine for processing large yards, gardens and beds. Model GardenMAX 1G-105G Width digging 110 cm Depth digging 120-300mm Starter Manual Transmission Reducer Cutting tools 32pcs. 8 sections Gears 2-Forward 1-Back Attachment option YES Tires 4x10 " Engine GardenMAX 177F 9.0k.с. Weight 98kg. Comfort Comfortable handle, rotating 360 degrees and up and down Design Lightweight and retractable fenders, separate rear section

1590.00 lv

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