Extension of guarantee

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Thank you for trusting GardenMAX and purchasing our quality products.

What GardenMAX offers to it's customers is exceptional quality, for which we guarantee 5 years.

If you purchased one of the following GardenMAX products:
1. Cultivator GardenMAX 1G-75-0/2/5/R/R2/GP/GX
2. Brushcutter GardenMAX BC360GX

Your standard warranty is 3 years, if you have purchased one of the above products and wish to extend the warranty period, you can complete the sections below.

!!! CAUTION !!!

The extension of the warranty applies only to the abovementioned GardenMAX products.

For the correct use of the extended warranty promotion, please fill in the fields correctly, for incorrect and incomplete information, the extension of the guarantee is not recognized.