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Terms of Use
Welcome to www.Garden-MAX.eu
This site is operated by ET Storum with headquarters in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria Blvd 36, for contact: 0886 887 996.
Please read the General Terms and Conditions below carefully before using the SITE. For use of this SITE, you agree to these Terms and Conditions unconditionally. The following terms and conditions set minimum requirements. Use of the SITE is subject to the general provisions of the law. The General Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by updating this SITE. These changes take effect immediately and are mandatory on all users / clients. ET Storum will make changes to these Terms of Use if these changes are imposed by legislation in force, and if imposed retroactively, the changes will be retroactively applied to orders already delivered and confirmed. In such cases, ET Storm is obliged to inform the USERS / CUSTOMERS about the latest version, and if required, the changes apply to the orders already delivered / confirmed through publication on the SITE.
If any regulations of these Terms and Conditions of use of the SITE is considered invalid or inapplicable, for whatever reason, this does not invalidate the validity and applicability of the other regulations.
By entering the SITE, the users agree to the rules by the general terms and conditions and the applicable laws.
ET Storum makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information presented on the SITE. However, given the possible errors in this information, ET Storum states that the product images are informative or the products, delivered may differ from the images in any way due to changes in features and design, without notice by the manufacturers. Also, some of the features or prices of the products presented on the SITE may be changed by ET Storm without notice and may contain operational errors.
Due to limited space and consistent information structure, product descriptions can sometimes be incomplete. However, we do our best to provide the most relevant information.
The promotions / offers presented on the SITE are available until the quantities are out of stock.
The SITE may also contain links to other sites. ET Storum is not responsible for the privacy practices of websites we do not administer, and any other information mentioned on those sites.
In the contents of this document, the following capitalized terms will have specific contextual meanings, as set out below:
USER: represents the person who enters the SITE, for private or professional purposes and who agrees with the GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS for using the current SITE, meeting all requirements for registration and use.
CUSTOMER: represents the person who enters the SITE, for private or professional purposes and who agrees with the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS for using the current SITE, meeting all the registration and use requirements, who submits and finalizes an order.
USE ABUSE: represents the use of the SITE in a manner that is contrary to practice in the field, regulations and applicable law, or in any other way that may harm the SELLER.
ORDER: is an electronic document created as a result of entry into the CLIENT'S SITE, which is a form of communication between the SELLER and the CLIENT.
CONTRACT: represents an ORDER, confirmed by the SELLER, through which ET Storum agrees to deliver the products and services to the CLIENT, and the CLIENT agrees to pay for them, the client assumes the transportation costs for the order, unless it is mentioned in the product that they are at the expense of the SELLER. The order may be refused if the product ordered and delivered do not match. If the CLIENT refuses due to other reasons (he did not study how much the delivery will cost, he bought another product from another SELLER), the CLIENT will pay absolutely all the transport costs related to the order.
This SITE may only be used for lawful purposes.
It is forbidden to use the SITE in a way that could harm the SITE, but without limiting access, such as:
- for the purpose of fraud or otherwise for the purpose of committing a crime or other illegal activity
- the sending, use or re-use of any material that is unlawful, offensive, defamatory, uncensored or threatening, or incompatible with copyright, trademark, confidentiality, security of personal data, or contains viruses, political messages, or any form of spam.
ET Storum reserves the right to refuse access to the SITE to any USER, to close the account or to cancel the ORDER, even the confirmed orders.
ET Storum does not sell products to minors. Individuals who are under the age of 18 may place ORDERS on the Site only in the presence of a parent or guardian.
The products and services displayed on the SITE represent an offer of ET Storum.
Your ORDER will be accepted by ET Storum as a contract proposal.
By executing an ORDER on the SITE, you, as a CLIENT, confirm that you agree to the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) through which ET Storum executes the orders on the SITE.
If ET Storum confirms the fulfillment of an ORDER, it means full acceptance of the terms of the ORDER. The acceptance of the order by ET Storum is considered to be done when there is an electronic confirmation (e-mail) or a telephone confirmation from the CLIENT when our advisor contacts the CLIENT.
ET Storum does not at any time consider an unconfirmed ORDER to have the power of a CONTRACT.
The CONTRACT enters into force upon confirmation of the ORDER by the CLIENT.
These terms and conditions of sale are based on the contract. The Warranty Card issued by the SELLER or his supplier is an integral part of the above documents.
The subject of the ORDER is the product (s) and services for which the CUSTOMER has expressed a desire to purchase by creating an ORDER on the SITE, confirmed by ET Storum. The product (s) have the characteristics described by the SELLER on the SITE.
Information about the availability of the products that ET Storum sells is provided, after reviewing the ORDER. ET Storum notifies the CLIENT by calling if the product is unavailable.
Warning: the delivery time of the products is indicative.
The price of the products and services is that stated on the SITE. The price can be changed by the SELLER at any time without notice.
In order to be applicable, the price of the product / service must be correct and serious. Thus, the SELLER warns that there are times when, as a result of a malfunction of the SITE or an error, the price shown on the SITE may not be real. In these cases the SELLER will inform the CUSTOMER about the correct price.
In any case, the accuracy of the price will be checked at the moment of order confirmation.
If the true price of a product is lower than that shown on the SITE, the lower value will be charged. If due to a malfunction of the SITE, the displayed price on the SITE is lower than the real sale price, your ORDER will be modified by our administrator, after consultation with the CUSTOMER.
Unless otherwise stated, the price includes VAT and any other taxes.
The price, payment method and payment period are indicated in the ORDER. ET Storum may issue an invoice to the CLIENT for the ordered products and services, and the CLIENT is obliged to provide all the necessary information for issuing an invoice in accordance with the legislation in Bulgaria.
The SELLER will fulfill its obligations under the contract within a maximum of 30 days from the date of confirmation received by the CUSTOMER regarding the ORDER. In case it cannot fulfill the ORDER because the product is not available, the SELLER will inform the CUSTOMER about this situation.
The SELLER may deliver to the CLIENT a similar product at the same price, in case the requested product is not available, only after the CLIENT has been informed and declared consent.
The product will be delivered to the CLIENT through a courier company. Delivery method is door to door.
Unless there is an explicit agreement with the CUSTOMER, ET Storum have no responsibility for the risks associated with the products and services after they have been submitted to the courier company.
ET Storum will properly pack the products and services and ensure the transmission of the accompanying documents.
Delivery is considered fulfilled when the CLIENT's signature is received upon receipt of the transport document delivered by the courier.
All shipping costs are paid by the CUSTOMER unless explicitly mentioned in the product page or information as a PROMOTION or GIFT.
According to the law, the consumer has the right to inform the seller in writing that he refuses to purchase without paying a penalty and without giving a reason, within 7 (seven) working days from the date of receipt of the product or in the case of the provision of services - from the conclusion of the contract.
We emphasize that when the return of products whose packaging is damaged or incomplete shows signs of wear, scratches, bruises, electric shock, without accessories, without warranty, we reserve the right to decide whether to accept the return or to retain some of the value of the product - the amount that will be communicated to the CUSTOMER after the damage assessment.
Under legal law, upon return of the product, the refund will be made within 30 (thirty) days of return.
1) All product categories can only be returned if they are sealed:
2) The following product categories cannot be returned:
- Accessories and supplies (gude bars, chains, oils, trimmer lines, mower blades, trimmer heads, etc.)
- Hoses and quick hose connections
- Tools and accessories for ornamental lakes.
ET Storum may assign to the third parties the services for the fulfillment of the ORDERS, always retaining the responsibility to the CLIENT for all its obligations under the contract.
All products sold by ET Storum through www.garden-max.eu, with the exception of repackaged products, are subject to the terms of the warranty, in accordance with the law and the commercial policies of the manufacturer. The products are new, in original packaging and come from authorized sources from each manufacturer.
Products sold and delivered by ET Storum have warranty cards issued directly by the manufacturer. If the provider does not have a national service network, the guarantee is issued by ET Storum.
The ownership of the ordered products and services is transferred to the CLIENT at the moment of making the payment by him.
ET Storum is not responsible for damages of any kind, as a result of which the CUSTOMER or a third party may suffer in the performance of ET Storum of any of its obligations regarding ORDER / ACCEPTED ORDER, and for damages arising from the use of products / services after delivery and especially in case of loss of products.
ET Storum is not responsible for direct losses (including but not limited to loss of profits, revenue, data or unnecessary expenses) or any other indirect losses suffered by the USER / CUSTOMER, which are not immediate and direct consequence of breach of contract by side of ET Storum.
ET Storum does not guarantee that the products sold on the SITE are suitable for purposes other than those generally accepted for the respective products. ET Storum shall is not responsible for direct, indirect or incidental losses caused to CLIENTS or third-party products sold under this Agreement.
ET Storum takes responsibility when the subcontractors and / or any partner involved in the execution of the Contract do not fulfill the agreed obligations.
This site is owned and operated by ET Storum.